About Us

21 Years of INFINITO Development

INFINITO was established in 1999 who devotes to provide integrated marketing solution, sales system inventation and communication strategy for our clients to build up brand image.

INFINITO has more than 20 years‘ industry experience with professional and strong creatives, designing also production and execution capablity to provide comprehensive marketing communication service for our clients. We help brands increase awareness and enhance their competitive in the market to create best communication value.

Innovative Project Managment system by INFINITO helps different companies to meet their demands of business development which makes INFINITO to be a qualified agency for integrated marketing communication.

Our business is centered in Shanghai and radiated to China and APAC regions.

Our service network covers Shanghai also other territories of China and extends to APAC regions nowadays.

INFINITO established stable service networks in 12 cities in China. We still work on enlarging our networks according to increasing demands of clients to provide comprehansive and one-stop service for them. Base on our excellent serivce networks in China, INFINITO provides best local solution for clients to maximize their brand value.

INFINITO provides best onsite services for clients

INFINITO invented advertising management system to be leading project managment software in the industry.

eINFINITO system is developed by INFINITO independently which is being consistantly improved by our rich marketing experience and insights.

This System helps all team members to have full pictures of project quickly and correctly then ensure quick follow-up in key timing during whole project. System can well assess quality of project, adjust team structure accurately then help whole team to integrate different resources from different regiones finally.

Big data pool of eFINITO system can provide analysis according to different market trends then adjust solution quickly for best outputs.

Make complicated work to be simple